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Amnesiac is the fifth studio album by the English rock band Radioheadreleased in June by Parlophone. It was recorded with producer Nigel Godrich in the same sessions as Radiohead's previous album Kid A ; Radiohead split the work into two albums as they felt it would be too dense for a double album. As with Kid A, Amnesiac incorporates similar influences of electronic music20th-century classical musicjazz and krautrock.

After having released no singles for Kid ARadiohead promoted Amnesiac with the singles " Pyramid Song " and " Knives Out ", accompanied by music videos. By Octoberit had sold overcopies worldwide.

It is certified platinum in Canada and the US. Though it disappointed some hoping for a return to Radiohead's earlier rock sound, Amnesiac received mainly positive reviews and was named one of the year's best albums by numerous publications. Radiohead and producer Nigel Godrich recorded Amnesiac during the same sessions as its predecessor, Kid Areleased in October I think Amnesiac comes out stronger in the band-arrangement way.

The sessions saw influences from electronic music20th-century classical musicjazz and krautrockusing synthesisers, ondes Martenotdrum machinesstrings and brass.

Radiohead considered releasing the work as a double albumbut felt it was too dense. They come from two different places, I think In some weird way I think Amnesiac gives another take on Kid Aa form of explanation. If you've assigned it a key, you've got music. For "You And Whose Army? They muffled microphones with eggboxes and used the ondes Martenot's resonating palme diffuseur loudspeaker to treat the vocals. Yorke said: "I was in another room, heard the vocal melody coming backwards, and thought, 'That's miles better than the right way round', then spent the rest of the night trying to learn the melody.

For the final track, "Life in a Glasshouse", Jonny Greenwood wrote to jazz trumpeter Humphrey Lytteltonexplaining that Radiohead were "a bit stuck". Amnesiac incorporates experimental rock[17] electronica[18] and alternative rock. Yorke said "You and Whose Army? Colin Greenwood's bassline was inspired by Chic bassist Bernard Edwards. Don't look back and just carry on like nothing's happened.

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Just let the bad stuff go. O'Brien said that Radiohead often record and abandon different versions of songs, but that this version was "strong enough to bear hearing again". Because we only found it again by accident after having forgotten about it. Because it sounds like a recurring dream. It felt right. For the special edition, Donwood designed a package with a hardback CD case in the style of a mislaid library book.

He imagined that "someone made these pages in a book and it went into drawer in a desk and was forgotten about in the atticA lot of people can do airs, put it on rail and get deeply barreled—but, then again, no one does those things quite like Mason Ho.

It takes a rare kind of talent to navigate Pipeline backside with finesse and swagger.

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At years-old, Hawaiian phenom Barron Mamiya has that kind of talent in spades, which you can clearly see in his new edit above. And pro surfers, like Griffin Colapinto abovewho are paid to push themselves as hard as physically possible in water, are well aware of the risks. If the surf vids coming from the continent are any indication, Australia has become the epicenter of raucous good times in the surf world over the past few years.

Word of an airshow revival first sparked up around the camp fire. Download MP3. We each possess an extraordinary power to realize our greatest potential and live the life we want.

Yago Dora, Mason Ho and Michael Rodrigues’ Waco B-Sides

James Doty is living proof of that. Having grown up in an environment of poverty and neglect, James Doty was 12 years old when he walked into a magic shop and met an extraordinary woman who introduced him to a series of teachings that changed the trajectory of his life. James R. In this episode, Dhru and Dr.

Doty talk about how compassion and social connection have a powerful effect on our health, happiness, and well-being. They discuss inspiring teachings to help us master four central techniques: relaxing the body to become present and honor our highest values, training the brain through meditation and mindfulness, opening the heart to foster true connection, and clarifying our intentions as we navigate the journey of our lives.

PS — For more on Dr. James Doty, be sure to follow him on Facebook jamesrdotyand on Twitter jamesrdotymd. But with the. Yago Dora showcased his versatility both on the left and the right, stomping huge straight airs, a barrage of grabs both frontside and backside, and some massive McTwists. Posts Likes Following Archive. Mason Ho Does Hawaii and Indo With Style to Burn - Another must-watch from the Hawaiian dynamo A lot of people can do airs, put it on rail and get deeply barreled—but, then again, no one does those things quite like Mason Ho.

Protected: Broken Brain This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password:. Secrets of the Brain and Heart with Dr. In this episode, we dive into: Dr.Surfing, Skateboarding, Music, Photography, Travel, Culture and general antics of the youth on the run.

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Presented by Rusty. What Youth Reports Reporting on things we find interesting. Dear Youth Writing and nonsense. Collected Thoughts Photos and the story behind them. Radical Class A place to learn. Girl We Adore We talk to the girls we adore. Photo Credit Portfolios from noteworthy Photographers. Conversation With Interviews with worthy humans. One Roll A single roll of film from start to finish. The Newsstand A look at zines and books we love. What Youth Issue What Youth Issue 9.Yago Dora showcased his versatility both on the left and the right, stomping huge straight airs, a barrage of grabs both frontside and backside, and some massive McTwists.

But for every hero clip, there were plenty of highly-entertaining punts that got left on the cutting room floor.

Valley of the Kings

So we took a look at the raw footage, pulled together a healthy serving of our favorite makes, fails and flails to give a more wholistic look at this collection of highly-progressive pool sessions. Because sometimes the side dishes are just as good as the main course. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The latest escalation in the decades-old dispute over access to the exclusive coast. Channel Islands, …Lost and Firewire now offer mid-length models for mass consumption.

Brian Keaulana is hoping to bring a surf park to vacant state land in Kalaeloa. Thanks to Matt Biolos from …Lost Surfboards for the raw footage.

Thank you for signing up. Your information has been successfully processed! Billy Kemper is calling this cavernous monster the wave of his life Ryan Craig. Todd Prodanovich.Gabriel Gontijo. Wednesday, February 20, Updated: Wednesday, February 20, After a slow start, Medina quickly used his full repertoire of airs, snaps and barrels to score a 7.

This island is a very special place, the vibe is great, the food is delicious, the waves are incredible…and everyone speaks Portuguese laughs. My heat was right during low tide, so it wasn't epic Cacimba, but the forecast looks good so I'm happy to move on in the comp.

Medina elaborated on his difficult start to the heat and competitive jitters putting a jersey back on for the first time this year. My heart started beating a little faster because time was running out so I decided to paddle over to the corner.

Slow Dance - B-Sides

After that, I started catching a few and then I started feeling normal again. It's not often that I surf on the QS, so it's great to see the whole crew again. I'm also kind of flying solo here. Charlie stayed at home and my sister Sophia is competing in Rio…but I'm a big boy laughsI can take care of myself," concluded Medina. With waves in the 3-foot range 1 meterathletes were still able to find plenty of scoring opportunities.

As conditions improved throughout the afternoon, Championship Tour surfer Jesse Mendes BRA found the best tube of the day, earning a 9. But the waves improved when I was in the water and they had a little more power to them. This is probably the best event of the year in Brazil and there's no question that everyone wants to compete here. Just look at Gabriel Medinahe's someone that doesn't have to be at a QS contest and he made it a point of being here.

In what turned out to be an unexpected outcome in barreling waves, current QS rankings leader Jack Robinson AUS was eliminated from the competition.

Mesinas continued his momentum and began with a 3rd place finish at the QS 1, in the Canary Islands.

b sides yago dora

Us surfers from Peru have been fighting to make it on the CT. We're going to have a QS 3, in our country in March, so that will help us out a lot. Hopefully, one of us will make it on Tour. Other international surfers that advanced into Round 3 were Marc Lacomare FRA who completed an incredible rodeo clown for an 8. From twin-fins to skimboards, the two-time World Champ's quest to find the perfect surfboard continues.

From Pipe barrels to full-rail power at Sunset, Moore's North Shore performance is one for the history books. From Haleiwa to Pipe and Sunset, watch all six of her scoring waves here. From a brush with perfection at Haleiwa to classic Pipe bombs, Florence's North Shore domination is all encompassing.Historical records and family trees related to Dorothy Sides.

Records may include photos, original documents, family history, relatives, specific dates, locations and full names. Trusted by millions of genealogists since Trusted information source for millions of people worldwide. Dorothy Sides Historical records and family trees related to Dorothy Sides. View all records. MyHeritage Family Trees. Dorothy had 4 siblings: Mary Louise Sides and 3 other siblings. Dorothy married Lawrence Perley Vincent. Lawrence was born on June 12in Colrain, Massachusetts.

Her occupation was occupation. Dorothy passed away on month dayat age 79 at death placeNorth Carolina. She was buried at burial placeNorth Carolina. Documents of Dorothy Jane Vincent born Sides.

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Dorothy passed away on May 14at age Dorthy had 4 siblings: Sallie B Sides and 3 other siblings. Dorthy lived inat addressNorth Carolina. Edith was born inin USA. Dorothy passed away on month dayat age 65 at death placeNew Jersey. She was buried on month dayat burial placeNew Jersey. Dorothy had 6 siblings: Ralph DrasherFlorence Drasher and 4 other siblings. Dorothy lived inat addressPennsylvania.Post-career blues: mental illness, substance abuse and World Tour surfing.

Wade, Harry, and Nate s. Coby Perkovich shapes his own boards, and now his brand, Systmis blowing up. Italo Ferreira Wins Portugal Again! Brad Norris suffers and survives probably the worst wipeout ever at The Right. Melbourne's URBNsurf has some new waves in the works. Stab in the Dark with Taj Burrow, ep 1.

Is this the Best Team in Surfing? Lucca Mesinas Wiggles Through Peru. Winners of Ryan Moss' Gofundme.

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John Florence Does More of the Surfing. Lessons Learned: Selema Masekela. Campbell Designed Joyride. Unknown charger tames Greenbush. Who makes the best boardshorts in the world? Peter Mel x Mavs. Kirra Pinkerton Likes to Tube.

Ten Minutes Of The Most Stylish And Universally Adored Of The Brazilian Storm

Airs on an ancient craft. Moana v Tati, the full story.

b sides yago dora

Holiday Blues? No, Holiday Views! Best Wetsuits Billabong Furnace Natural. Best Wetsuits Feral 3mm2 Chest-Zip. Our Top 10 Stories Of Best Wetsuits Manera Seafarer.

b sides yago dora

Best Wetsuits Rip Curl Flashbomb. Home Fooled. Best Wetsuits Xcel Comp X. Lessons Learned: Taylor Steele.

b sides yago dora

Joyride: Campbell Designed Chunky Toe. Best Wetsuits Quiksilver Highline Plus. Stab's Best Wetsuits Test. I want to become a Stab Premium member. Micky Clarke is nice young man who's legs hold great power.

Aritz Aranburu x Mundaka. The Coco Ho Self Interview. Stab's Gift Guide. Register for the VTCS here. Zeke and Parker Share A Fishbeard.

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